Michael Doshier on the origins of "Olly Alexander"

He's already liked a picture on his Instagram

Michael Doshier on the origins of "Olly Alexander"

A few months ago, after I'd moved to the UK, the actor and singer Olly Alexander was announced as this country's competitor for Eurovision 2024. I don't really follow Eurovision, but it reminded me of a song that my friend Michael wrote back in 2016 after Olly Alexander liked a picture on his Instagram.

So, I called up Michael to discuss his old life as an aspiring pop star performing under the name Johnny Darlin, how this song about Olly Alexander fits into his creative arc, and whether or not Olly has ever heard his romantic proposal.

Listen to our conversation on the Night Water podcast (listen to the end to hear "Olly Alexander" in full) or read the transcript.

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Longtime Night Water fans will remember Michael stopping by a few years ago to discuss his film Throuple, which is currently making its way around the queer film festival circuit.

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If you want to stay updated on Michael or Throuple, follow them on Instagram: @michaeldoshier and @throuplethemovie.

And if you want to hear more music from Johnny Darlin or Darlin! The Band, you can find them on streaming services or over on Bandcamp.