Night Water FAQ

When questions overwhelm us and queries smother us, where do we find the will and the courage to continue? The answer may come in the caring tone of a well-written FAQ.

Night Water FAQ

What is Night Water?

You wake up in the middle of the night. You're parched. You stumble out of bed and towards the kitchen, seeking the cold touch of fresh water on your lips. You pour yourself a glass and guzzle it down. Nothing has ever tasted so good. Your mind and body are completely refreshed, and you're ready to return to bed for a blissful, dreamless sleep.

That's what it's like to read Night Water, a late night pop culture newsletter sending out brand new missives most Tuesdays at 11 pm eastern.

Is it free to subscribe?

Yes—Tuesday posts are completely free. You can optionally become a paid subscriber to get access to Day Soda, the DVD extras for Night Water. Paid subscribers help keep the Night Water flowing by supporting our hosting costs, guest writers, and more.

What's it about?

Early 2000s music players. Bedside water carafes. Bad financial startups. The public domain. British sports drinks. Beer and shot combos. Eating Pokémon. Vegan fast food. The fake hospital where Cabbage Patch Kids are born. My cats.

Who are you?

My name is Adam Cecil. I'm a writer and podcast producer based in London. I used to live in Brooklyn. I helped make podcasts like Milky Way Underground, The Nonbinary Carrie Bradshaw, Dreamboy, and Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast with Chuck Tingle.

Has anyone ever said anything nice about Night Water?

“This white dude’s consistency to write whatever the fuck he wants every week makes me want to do the same and also watch Scrubs again.”
Nothing Important
“If you're a night owl like I am, you'll find this newsletter informative, relatable, and oddly comforting.
- Jay Rooney, Game & Word
“... his offbeat, often delightful newsletter appears in your inbox around the time you're considering toddling to the fridge to top up the glass from your nightstand. It's weird, but it kind of works.”
- Annette Laing, Non-Boring History

What about anything mean?

Yes—turns out, the audience over at MSN is not very open to Halloween playlist suggestions.

Why aren't I getting emails?

Emails will come from—add this email address to your contacts to ensure that Night Water doesn't get sent to spam, and if you use Gmail, make sure to move Gmail out of your Promotions folder.

You can also read any post that you missed on the website here or your RSS reader of choice.

Should I follow Night Water on social media?

You certainly don't have to, but if you want to keep the water flowing at all hours of the day, it's one way to keep the tap on. I post Night Water memes on Instagram, text-based updates on Bluesky, and you can follow the RSS feed on Mastodon.

What's the deal with the podcast?

Every once in a blue moon, I put together an audio edition of Night Water and release it on the Night Water podcast feed. You can subscribe to that in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, the podcast player of your choice, or stay tuned to your email inbox to learn of new episodes.

How do I update my avatar for the comments section?

Night Water will automatically pull your Gravatar if you have set one up for your email address. Your other information—your name and your title/little bit of context about you—can be edited directly on Night Water when you're logged in and in the comments section. Note that your name here is unique from any name you entered while subscribing to Night Water, so you can use a different alias in the comments.

Can I write for Night Water?

I am currently accepting guest pitches for articles on pop culture and late night topics. The rate is $100 for a post between 800 and 1000 words. Send your pitch to Don't send anything that's already been published, but once it's on Night Water, you're free to publish your piece elsewhere.