"Night Water" Writer Celebrates Peacock Premium Subscription's First Birthday

Originally intended for Olympics replay, subscription now integral part of Cecil household

"Night Water" Writer Celebrates Peacock Premium Subscription's First Birthday
"Night Water" writer showcasing the Peacock library on his iPad in a public loction.

Media Contact:
Adam Cecil

Release Date:
February 28, 2023


NEW YORK—Newsletter writer Adam Cecil announced today that his subscription to Peacock Premium, the American streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, celebrated its first birthday this month. Cecil had previously announced that he would cancel the subscription after the first month and reiterated his intention to cancel after the six-month anniversary in August.

“Honestly, there’s a lot of good content on there,” says Cecil, “so it’s been getting a lot of use.” While Cecil had initially signed up for Peacock Premium to access replays of curling matches during last year’s Winter Olympics, he discovered additional content over time. “The Office, Below Deck, the occasional Million Dollar Listing, plus all of That ’70s Show. They also brought back the channel of Unsolved Mysteries re-runs after I tweeted about it.”

Cecil still intends to cancel Peacock Premium at some point this year. “I promise I’ll remember to cancel after this season of Below Deck is over, assuming we don’t want to watch old seasons of Below Deck or get into one of the spin-offs, like Mediterranean or Sailing Yacht.”

No cuts have been made to the household streaming budget in several months, though Cecil hinted that there could be multiple cancellations in store. “Costs are going up, content is disappearing. Any of them could be on the chopping block.”

As of today’s release, Cecil has yet to watch the Peacock Premium exclusive curling documentary American Rock Stars.