"Night Water" Writer Announces Subscription to Peacock Premium

One-month subscription intended to allow access to Olympics replay, curling documentary

"Night Water" Writer Announces Subscription to Peacock Premium
"Night Water" writer Adam Cecil showcasing the Olympics hub on Peacock.

Media Contact:
Adam Cecil

Release Date:
February 8, 2022


NEW YORK—Newsletter writer Adam Cecil announced today that he had completed the sign-up process for a one-month subscription to Peacock Premium, the American streaming service owned by NBCUniversal, in order to access their Olympics coverage.

“I wanted to watch a replay of a mixed doubles curling match,” says Cecil, a noted curling enthusiast. “But you needed Peacock Premium to access it. So I just used the in-app purchase to subscribe for $4.99 for one month.”

NBCUniversal has the exclusive American broadcasting rights to the Summer and Winter Olympics and has been criticized for their tape-delayed broadcast and edited-down coverage in the past. In recent years, NBC has tried to emphasize live coverage more across their cable channels and, starting with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, have integrated the Peacock streaming service for replays, broadcasts, and the exclusive curling documentary American Rock Stars.

Cecil intends to cancel the subscription before it renews in early March. “I don’t think there’s anything else on Peacock that I want to watch. I can watch The Office in syndication on Comedy Central. What else is on Peacock? I’m not 100% sure why I downloaded it.”

Peacock Premium joins Cecil’s other streaming subscriptions, most notably Hulu with Live TV. “Honestly I didn’t even look on Hulu before subscribing,” says Cecil. “I know you can watch NBC and USA live on Hulu but you don’t get full game replays.” Additional subscriptions include Apple TV+ (“I forgot to cancel after Ted Lasso finished.”), Disney+ (“I think I’m legally obligated to support the monopoly.”), and HBO Max (“Someday I’ll finish And Just Like That.”).

As of today’s release, Cecil has continued to primarily use Hulu to watch live coverage of the games, rendering Peacock Premium moot.