The Night Water 200th Subscriber Special

A Q&A with our 200th subscriber, Cathy Davies

The Night Water 200th Subscriber Special

There is truly nothing more important than celebrating milestones. Milestones like taking your first steps, drawing a circle when someone shows you how, making up a story with at least two events, and getting 200 subscribers to your email newsletter. All things you should accomplish before the age of 5, according to the CDC.

On February 25th, just a month and 8 days after our last major subscriber milestone and just shy of a year and a fortnight after the very first post, Night Water reached 200 email subscribers. Imagine it: 200 people at the fridge, waiting patiently in the dark to fill their cups to the brim with cold, refreshing late night posts.

The 200th person to take a sip of nighttime water was Cathy Davies, who was kind enough to share a few details about her life and how she found herself subscribed to Night Water.

Who are you, and what do you get up to?

I'm Cathy Davies. I am a food safety consultant based in New Jersey. I write about food science, food safety, and the food system at Food Crumbs. I love talking and writing about food.

How did you hear about Night Water? Where were you when you found out you were Night Water's 200th subscriber?

I had just met you (Adam) through the Substack Go program. I'm enjoying reading your articles so far. Especially the ones about plant-based foods!

I was surprised to find out I was your 200th subscriber because I had only just met you!

Now that you're subscribed to Night Water, what's next for you?

I'll keep reading your articles and learning from what you have to say. Perhaps I'll get some ideas for my newsletter.

What was your favorite email—newsletter or otherwise—that you've received in the last month?

I love hearing people's food stories, so your newsletters on trying vegan food and reviewing alternate "chicken" were great.

What does the phrase "late night vibes" mean to you?

I'm mostly an early morning person and "late night vibes" suggests speakeasies and jazz clubs; live music at nightclubs.

Thank you Cathy for subscribing to Night Water and for answering our questions. You can keep up with Cathy by subscribing to her newsletter, Food Crumbs.

For year two of Night Water, I’ve set a goal of reaching 334 subscribers. Hopefully, we’ll be tuning in to the Night Water 334th Subscriber Special soon enough. In the meantime, we’ll be back with your regularly scheduled dose of late night vibes next week.