Night Water Cooler: Are Thanksgiving's late night vibes salvageable?

Someone please rescue me from this vibeless evening.

Night Water Cooler: Are Thanksgiving's late night vibes salvageable?

Thanksgiving is not exactly known for its impeccable vibes. But Thanksgiving’s late night vibes have to be the worst of any major American holiday. Everyone gets sleepy in the late afternoon or early evening, and the most anyone wants to do at night is go out and see a family-friendly animated flick or this season’s baitiest Oscar bait. At best, you go down to your small town’s local bar and drink a Bud Light with someone who bullied you in middle school.

Tell me: is there any way to salvage Thanksgiving’s late night vibes?

This Night Water Cooler is a relic from Night Water's days on Substack, and the original comments are stuck over there. Luckily, copy and paste exists. Here's a selection of Thanksgiving vibes from the original thread:

- Tyler
great question
- Dylan
The premise of the question is flawed. You presume that people want or need to salvage the late night vibes on Thanksgiving. Incorrect. Thanksgiving should NEVER have late night vibes. It is heretical to the very meaning and purpose of Thanksgiving and an insult to our founding fathers. It is a historic fact for all Americans that we should all be in bed and asleep on Thanksgiving night by 8pm.
- Jim