Night Water Cooler: What are late night vibes? (Summer Edition)

When daylight bleeds into nighttime, what is your late night vibe?

Night Water Cooler: What are late night vibes? (Summer Edition)
Photo: Khamkéo Vilaysing

It’s August. The dog days of summer are coming to a close. Soon, sunset will be at 4:30 PM instead of 8:30. Leaves will fall. Pools will be covered. Ghosts and werewolves will return to stalk the earth.

Before that all occurs, gather around the water cooler and tell me: what are late (summer) night vibes, and what do they mean to you?

This Night Water Cooler is a relic from Night Water's days on Substack, and the original comments are stuck over there. Luckily, copy and paste exists. Here's a selection of late night vibes from the original thread:

Ngl my street has leaves all over the ground and it's super sad. Is my street extra dry?? Who else in NY is seeing September leaves already??

Otherwise a good night vibe is finding a forgotten la croix that's semi flat next to my bed and having a sip before reading 1 page then falling asleep.
- Andrew
Kia Ora from New Zealand

My late nite vibes are not summer ones at present however they are vibes and they occur late at night. They do persist throughout the year though. Driving home after a nightshift ... the streets are empty, the body is tiring and the comfort of home beckons. My dog waits to pounce and remind me that he has missed me. All is good.
- Paul
You know the menu of the late night ice cream spot like the back of your hand

You've become really great at grilling hot dogs and are in a natural rhythm

Your baja blast sweatshirt has gotten some good use
- Jim
I'm based in London and I'm also seeing leaves on the ground already? What the hell? I'm out sweeping up brown dead leaves in my garden as if it's already the middle of October.

However, we do have warm weather still so I'm grateful for that. My late summer night is reading outside till it's almost dark (bordering on me needing to pull out a flashlight) and sipping on a tangy gin and tonic to keep me cool. The neighbours will likely be having a barbecue, they seem to have one every night. Sometimes my parents will be inside watching a movie on a volume that is far too loud, and I can see it from the garden patio and for me, that encapsulates summer in one bite.
- Natalie
Maaaan, I come from a place where summer days blister with temperatures of 50 C (122 F) and summer nights are still hot enough at 35 C (90 F)! So late summer night vibes for me are - an air conditioned room, a movie set up on the home projector, and a large scoop of tender coconut ice cream. 🍨
- Punit