Night Water Cooler: What are you wearing (to bed)?

Late night sartorial vibes

Night Water Cooler: What are you wearing (to bed)?

Every year, I get a pair of Christmas pajamas, and every year I think, I don’t really need another pair of pajamas. This year’s pair, however, have gotten a lot of use. The bottoms are navy with white stars and the top is a long-sleeved white shirt. In the middle is a big star and my name in script. They are very comfortable, and when I look at myself in the mirror before bed, I think, That’s right, Adam. You are a star.

After ten months away, Night Water Cooler is back with an all-important question: what are you wearing (to bed)?

@MattPostSaysHi on Twitter: "I just know I'd sleep better if I wore this shit," image of man in sleeping gown, droopy hat, and socks carrying a candle on a metal plate.

Whether it’s an oversized pair of basketball shorts, one of those old-timey gowns with a droopy hat, or your birthday suit, there’s a good chance you’re wearing something to sleep. Gather around the late night water cooler and discuss your sartorial options with fellow readers.