Night Water Cooler: What are you listening to?

What's on your HitClips keychain tonight?

Night Water Cooler: What are you listening to?
Photo: Max Wolfs

It’s late at night. Vibes and sound waves permeate the air. You’re out and about or chilling at home, driving to work or sitting on the subway, smoking a cheeky cigarette outside the bar or necking a beer inside.

What are you listening to?

Comment below with your song, artist, album, or genre of choice. No matter what you pick, you’ll be listening on one of these top of the line players:

A HitClips boombox.

This Night Water Cooler is a relic from Night Water's days on Substack, and the original comments are stuck over there. Luckily, copy and paste exists. Here's a selection of late night listens from the original thread:

TORRES -- Three Futures -- the late night vibes of this album are off the charts.
- Adam
Daughter has a new album coming out so listening to some of their new singles a lot lately
- Andrew
absolutely stuck on Toro y Moi’s 2019 album Outer Peace. Definite night (water) vibes. Monte Carlo is the best track on the record
- Dylan
Because this is Night Water, I'm going to share my favorite late night album: Relic by Beachcomber.
- Jason
Midnight Morning - Menahan Street Band
- Grizzly
Austin Wintory's 10th Anniversary Symphony version of the Journey game soundtrack. Or Lovejoy's newest single, Call Me What You Like. One or the other.
- Magnus
ethel cain's inbred, driving home with the windows down and the heat on
- Peter
I’m listening to some inane bass-thumping song coming from Five Guys as I wait on daughter-the-younger to get off from her first day at work (not at 5Gs)

And now it’s a different song but just as annoying as the last. If ever I make it home - this leaving work sure is taking her a long time! - I’ll be listening to the sound of the fan as a fall asleep.

Ooh, now it’s a song I like that I don’t know the name. It’s Stupid Girl by Garbage…thanks Shazam!
- JsuttraL
- Hark Williams
in|FLUX by Anna B Savage. Love her voice and the story this album tells.
- DJ Tommy B