Late Night Vibes: Sleep With Me Edition

Having trouble falling asleep? Tune in to Scooter on Radio Night Water for a special bedtime story.

Late Night Vibes: Sleep With Me Edition
Art: Emily Castellani (courtesy Sleep With Me)

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Friends beyond the binary, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and drinkers of Night Water... it's time for a special late night vibe from Sleep With Me, the podcast that puts you to sleep.

Hey, are you up all night tossing, turning, mind racing, trouble getting to sleep? Trouble staying asleep?

Well then you may really appreciate Sleep With Me. Every episode of Sleep With Me is a bedtime story from the creaky dulcet tones of Scooter. All you need to do is get in bed, turn out the lights, and press play. And Scooter does the rest.

Scooter has been a good friend of mine from the podcast world for a few years now and I'm so excited that he made an entire episode of Sleep With Me about Night Water. I don’t want to sound too excited in case it ruins the sleepy vibes but trust me when I say… I’m excited.

This bedtime story is a really fun look at some Night Water posts from the last year, and for me, really entertaining to listen to while awake, but for you, I hope it helps you fall asleep.

If it does, please head over to and subscribe to Sleep With Me wherever you listen to podcasts. There are over 1000 episodes, I think even more on Sleep With Me Plus as well, so you'll never run out of bedtime stories.

And now... oh... I'm getting a signal... seems like it's from a radio station... let's tune in.

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Click here for the full transcript of this bedtime story.