Day Soda #10: A never-ending parade of vegan macaroni and cheese

Plus: Public Domain Day!

Day Soda #10: A never-ending parade of vegan macaroni and cheese

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Grown As* Mac: please just say ass

I understand, in theory, why a brand name cannot have a dirty word in it. It’ll never rank on Google, stores won’t carry you, and you’ll die, alone and penniless. But this:

Two boxes of "GrownAs* Mac" macaroni and cheese.

Is this really a solution? To me, this brand is clearly Grown Ass Mac. They want to be a little cheeky and bleep it out, sure, and it’s cute enough with their little macaroni man. But apparently, the company is actually called Grown As Foods, as evidenced by their URL and social media handles. Grown As Foods? I certainly hope so!

And here’s something confusing: when you land on their homepage, their headline copy is “Damn good mac & cheese.” Why is “damn” okay but “ass” isn’t? I don’t remember either on the list of 7 dirty words you can’t say on television.

Anyway, none of this really matters, other than my own desire for brands to swear at us while grocery shopping.