Night Water Cooler: What’s your bedtime routine?

Getting ready for bed is one form of late night vibes

Night Water Cooler: What’s your bedtime routine?
Photo: Hans Isaacson

When the late night vibes start to fade, and we are faced with the inevitability of tomorrow, there is only one reasonable thing to do: prepare for sleep. Whether you have a 30-minute wind-down protocol or you regularly fall asleep on the couch in your clothes, we all have a bedtime routine. What’s yours? Walk us through bedtime in the comments.

This Night Water Cooler is a relic from Night Water's days on Substack, and the original comments are stuck over there. Luckily, copy and paste exists. Here's a selection of bedtime routines from the original thread:

Reading normally knocks me right out. Sometimes I'll listen to a podcast about aliens or something
- Andrew
Brush teeth, apply nasal strip, hug and kiss the family and tell them "sweet dreams and restful sleep", go in the bedroom, turn on the fan, turn off the light, get in bed, drift off...
- JsuttraL
I like to read a book, then listen to an audio book.
- Laurel
If I'm alert enough, I'll read for a while to wind down. But if I feel too sleepy, I'll skip that and go straight to listening to Sleep With Me podcast.
- Jacquelyn
I usually wind down with some tea (I like decaf chai lattes at the moment), some TV, and my cross stitch project. Hands down my favourite part of the day!
- EMason
i like to put on my favorite record -- family guy compilations pt. 9 -- and drift off into a slumber only to wake up at 3am to a Twitch stream posted on YouTube of the Family Guy video game
- Lindsey
I'm a little worried I've irreversibly conditioned my brain to need CONTENT to fall asleep, right now that's listening to Oh These, Those Stars of Space! as I drift off.
- sissyneck
How long do you have?
- Daisy