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So much nostalgia. I never had HitClips, but I vaguely remember the ads. I had a Walkman and a Discman over the years, as well as a portable boombox and a 5-CD-changer stereo, and played the heck out of terrible pop music albums all through my teens. It drove my parents crazy. I'm sure they can probably still sing the songs...as if they'd want to. 🤣

You make a good point: Music today is much harder to personalize. I remember creating mix tapes for my car when I started driving...I played those until they wore out and the cassette player started eating the tape part. Oh, that sad, warbly sound that signaled the death of a beloved mix tape as the magnetic thread got stuck in the player heads...

I suppose we could be meticulous in curating our Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music playlists, but there's no comparison to the personality of a good record collection, a custom mix tape, or a rack full of CDs that you collected yourself. And somehow, making a playlist for someone you like is far less personal than a mix tape.

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