One vegan's continued search for a decent plant-based fast food option
DVD Extra: Lucky Slut of the DayDESCRIPTION OF DVD EXTRA: Upon visiting Slutty Vegan, your author discovers that he is the “Lucky Slut of the Day” and will earn a free meal if he…
Bored Cow, a new vegan milk alternative, promises to put the dairy back into the dairy aisle.
Plus: Public Domain Day!
Will a whistleblower from Dr. Dean’s social media management team come forward before Elon Musk drives Twitter into the ground? Or will the secret of my…
Those on the night shift experience the world through a different lens. Their schedules are flipped upside down. No one understands late night vibes…

December 2022

Day Soda #9: Draw me like one of your French PokémonPlus: some good water content
Broadway Is My Beat Is My Beat: The Ben Justin Murder CaseDrew Ackerman of Sleep With Me joins the only Broadway Is My Beat recap podcast to discuss "The Ben Justin Murder Case."
Jamie Lauren Keiles explores the mystery of the vanishing blockbuster
Night Water Cooler: Late Night Vibes, WrappedWe don’t need artificial intelligence to help us understand our late night vibes. So have at it: how would you describe your late night vibes in 2022?

November 2022

Another holiday gift guide to clog up your email inbox.
I’ve been nostalgic for SSX 3 lately. While fans of EA Sports’ arcade-style snowboarding series debate whether SSX 3 or its predecessor, SSX Tricky, are…